Bruxelles – 4 Aprile. “Palm Oil Free” Fad: Facts, Fiction and Misleading Claims

Giovedì 4 Aprile 2019, presso la Sala A5E-3 del Parlamento Europeo in Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels,  il For Free Choice Institute ha pubblicato la III edizione dello studio ‘Senza olio di palma, ma più saturi e meno sostenibili’.

Sono intervenuti:

– Alberto Cirio – Member of the European Parliament
– Giacomo Bandini – For Free Choice Institute
– Aude Mahy – Attorney-at-law, Loyens & Loeff Brussels
– Pietro Paganini –
– Imkje Tiesinga – European Palm Oil Alliance

Alberto Cirio è intervenuto sottolineando l’ingannevolezza del claim “senza olio di palma”. Riportiamo di seguito un estratto del suo intervento:

“As Member of the Committee for public health and food safety, I have devoted a considerable amount of time working on this topic, expansively analysing all aspects involved in the use of palm oil in food, from health related issues to environmental sustainability.

Wide scientific analysis has shown that palm oil, among other products, can only become harmful if treated at very high temperatures by releasing a substance considered carcinogenic. As a matter of fact, the European Food Safety Authority last year came to more reassuring conclusions for consumers, raising the safety limits for such harmful substance and subsequently requiring European legislation to be drafted accordingly.

Based on this, I committed myself to a fight against “palm oil free” misinformation in the public domain and extreme palm oil enemies.

During the past few years, several events related to some food products have made it clear that large commercial chains tend to promote products not by advertising the ingredients they contain, but those that they do not contain. This is a very equivocal practice, which confuses consumers and leads to purchases in a misleading way.

The wording “palm oil free” has become a real commercial claim and has given rise to numerous advertising campaigns. The problem is that such wording distracts attention from what is in the product instead of palm oil.

From my point of view, this is not acceptable. Such “slogans” have nothing to do with health having considered the scientific evidence”.

Alla presentazione hanno partecipato diversi membri del Parlamento Europeo, tra cui la capogruppo di Forza Italia, On. Elisabetta Gardini, l’On. Fulvio Martuscello (European People Party) e l’On. Syed Kamall (European Conservatives and Reformists).


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